1 waterfall, 3 AMAZING photos

Woods Falls is Adirondack Mountains treasure

I've been in Upstate New York helping cover a couple of Bassmaster Elite Series fishing tournaments, and that provided me the opportunity to drive through the gorgeous Adirondack Mountains.

And one of the most special treasures I found was gorgeous Woods Falls near the tiny village of Mooers Fork. This cool waterfall produced not one but THREE amazing photos!

Woods Falls is easy to view, since it's right off the road. Of course, I had to climb to the bottom of the Great Chazy River to get what I thought was the best view.

The first image I created, "Below Woods Falls," was created while standing on the shelf of rock below the waterfall — and it is beautiful.

Next up: 'Woods Falls Arch'

However, an old stone bridge just downstream of the falls also called to me. So once I finished my work immediately below the waterfall, I carefully worked my way past the old bridge.

This bridge is arched, so it offered the perfect frame for Woods Falls. I had to wait out a thunderstorm, standing in the protection of the stone span, and then I eased farther downstream until I had the perfect angle.

Sure enough, the arched bridge served as a wonderful foreground element to draw the eye through the photo I ultimately titled "Woods Falls Arch."

Not done yet — 'Woods Falls Serenity'

I was so happy with these images that I climbed out of the river and was walking back to the truck — but a glance behind me showed a path onto the old bridge.

I turned around and captured the photo at the top of this email, which brings in the river upstream of the waterfall into the frame.

I titled this print "Woods Falls Serenity" because that's exactly what I felt at that moment: complete serenity.

So one stop in the Adirondacks provided three amazing photos: I love when that happens!