5 ways to support my fine-art photography

First Light in the Valley of the Bison

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Top ways to be a patron of my fine-art photography

I'm frequently told my fine-art photography prints are beautiful, and that's always flattering. I travel across the United States discovering the natural beauty of the country, and it's always great to hear my efforts are appreciated.

However, one of the most frequently asked questions I hear is "How can I be a supporter?"

Here are the top ways you can become a true patron of my art.

Purchase Prints

The top way you can patronize my art is through print purchases. It's always nice to hear how much folks enjoy my work, but I'm over the moon whenever someone goes the next step and purchases a print from my online gallery.

The fact is that photography isn't a hobby, so I support my family with print sales. And if you are into supporting small businesses, this is a win-win: You will be receiving one of my gorgeous prints to hang on your wall while you also are helping my business continue operating.

Purchasing prints is easy: Just pop over to my online print gallery, find the print you love and send it to your shopping cart. Checkout is quick and easy, and your print will be automatically sent to the printer for processing.

Of course, you can always email me if you have any questions about the check-out procedure or need help placing an order.

Island View School

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Subscribe to my newsletter

Did you know I send out a regular newsletter about my work? You can get the backstories of my prints, stories from my travels, get first looks at new releases and receive members-only offers by simply click here and signing up.

I try to send out an email once a week, and it's a great way to stay connected.

So please click here to sign up and become one of my valued subscribers!

And please feel free to forward my newsletters to your friends and invite them to sign up.

Sunrise Over Lake Palourde

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Prints make great gifts

Fine-art prints make wonderful gifts, showing you really thought about what to give that treasured friend or family member.

And prints are life-time gifts that will remind the recipient of your thoughtfulness every time he or she walks into the room in which this work of art hangs.

Having trouble deciding which print is best? Or would you rather allow your loved ones to choose their own print? Well, then, purchase a gift card!

That's right: You can purchase gift cards starting at $25 to allow loved ones who would treasure a true piece of art to choose their own print.

Just click here to order your gift card today!

Sheep Mountain Sunrise

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Follow and share my social media posts

I have a vibrant social media following, particularly on Facebook. My goal is to post once a day, but I definitely post at least five times a week.

On this feed, I share photos of my prints, along with the backstories of how they were created and what I was thinking as I set up. I also do regular Live videos during which you get to know me as an artist in a more personal way.

I try (and usually succeed) in responding to every comment, but rest assured I read them all and receive great encouragement from my loyal followers. It's always amazing to me how many people take the time to post a note of encouragement.

However, I also encourage you to hit the "Share" button and let you friends now about my work. Word of mouth is the very best marketing, and that's how small businesses grow and gain new clients.

So please jump over to the social media platform of your choice and follow me:

Tell your friends about me

Did you know 80% or art sales come from referrals? Wow! And let's be honest: You are much more likely to support a business if a trusted friend offers a recommendation. So I encourage you to tell your friends about my work.

So go ahead and forward my newsletters and share my Facebook posts, and add a note about how you feel about my work.

That goes a long way to convincing others to join my following — and a great recommendation is one of the best compliments ever!

Salmon River Falls

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