A life-changing photo

New Orleans shoot sparks photo journey

"Jackson Square at Dawn" is one of my most-popular photos in my New Orleans Collection  — and it's from an early morning session in 2014 that marked the true beginning of my journey to being a full-time photographer.

I already had a small online gallery, but a light bulb snapped on when I met three Houston photographers in the wee hours to shoot the amazing French Quarter. 

I learned how to shoot city scenes in the dark, and that sparked a desire to learn all I could about photographing cities and, more importantly, nature. 

My job at the time was as a full-time writer for various outdoor publications, but from this day forward I became obsessed with photography. Less than four years later I resigned as editor of one of the largest state outdoor publications in the nation to pursue my love of photography.

It's one of the best decisions I've ever made. I now have the privilege of traveling the country shooting Bassmaster tournaments and capturing the beauty of God's creation in between those events.