Andy Crawford Photography featured on Artsy Shark

Photography chosen by competitive jury announced this week that I was chosen as one of its featured fine-art photographers. Fewer than 200 artists are selected annually to be featured. is a website dedicated to promoting and educating artists and photographers worldwide, and featured artists are selected through a competitive juried system in which a board of artists and photographers select fewer than 200 artists and photographers from about 1,200 applicants each year.

My featured artist page is dedicated to promoting my work, with 10 of my photographs prominently featured. 

The article accompanying the photos explains what drives me to capture amazing photographs as I travel around the country. Click here to read the article and learn more about my passion.

Artsy Shark also will feature my work on their social media platforms, as well as through their wildly popular newsletters. So thousands of people will be exposed to my body of work.

Featured work includes photographs from deep in the Louisiana swamps to mountain sunrises and sunsets to sweeping desert scenes and amazing waterfalls. Each piece was chosen as prime examples of my driving passion to capture the beauty of nature.

What drives my work

In short, my belief that nature is proof of a creative and active God drives my passion for photography. My goal is simply to capture the wonders of God's creation and present it to my audience.

I invite you to browse my gallery — and I would be honored if you support my work by purchasing a print or two. Click here to learn how you can receive 20% off your first print purchase!