At home and thinking swampy thoughts

"Cajun Camp Life" is just one of the many scenes that draw me back to the South Louisiana swamps.
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Louisiana swamps keep calling me home

I drove home Monday this week from Florida, after spending 3 wonderful weeks in Florida working with Bassmaster and capturing some new landscape photos for my Florida gallery.

Driving through the swamps on the Mississippi/Louisiana border reminded me just how special my home playground is — it is one of the few places in the Deep South one can still get so far away from roads and modern development that no sounds of civilization can be heard once the boat motor chugs to a stop.

So I've been thinking about some of the amazing swamp scenes I've shot in the wetlands around my South Louisiana home. The swamps are still in their winter dormancy, but I have been scrolling through my Swamp Collection, looking forward to when the spring green-up happens and reminiscing about past wonders.

Like "Cajun Camp Life" above. I found this old camp on the edge of Lake Maurepas, and returned one evening to light it up with an LED panel. I used a second panel to light the beautiful cypress tree, which I also used to frame the camp.

The resulting print captures the feel of the Louisiana swamp, with the mystery and peacefulness inherent in these magical wetlands.

But there are so many other amazing places spread throughout the South Louisiana swamps, and my gallery is full of reasons these wetlands continually call me home.

.I hope you take a few moments to check out my full Swamp Collection: I promise you won't be disappointed. In fact, I hope you are so captivated by the scenes you make a trip down to experience the wonders of our swamps in person.

Click here to see the full Swamp Collection!

"Grand View" captures the beauty of the Atchafalaya Basin.
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"On the Edge of Infinity" was created while wading around on the edge of Lake Maurepas.
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"Dawn at Henderson Swamp" captures the amazing beauty of a sunrise in the Louisiana swamps.
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