Black-and-white fever

This is just one of the beautiful prints available in my new black-and-white photography gallery!

Look back at old photos inspires black-and-white frenzy

Black-and-white photography is just so amazing. I just love it, and I can spend hours looking at masters of the art like Ansel Adams. But in recent years I was stuck in full color — until I looked through some files from a 2018 trip the the American Southwest.

I started seeing things in black-and-white, so I created a new gallery dedicated to all of my black-and-white prints. And I'm now working through amazing Southwest landscapes and finding jewels I passed over in the months after the trip.

Here's the thing about black-and-whites: They absolutely demand contrast. That's perfect for photos in the desert Southwest because midday sun usually creates huge dynamic range (think contrast) between the bright highlights and dark shadows. That means many photos don't really work out as color.

But as black-and-white photos? Yeah, the images are perfect.

Of course, I already had some beautiful B&W photography on my site, from swamp scenes to old vehicles to waterfalls to city scenes, but now I'm really starting to build a vibrant Old West component. 

Do they live up to the standards set by Ansel Adams? I'll let you be the judge, but I am having a ball working on the photos.

Please click here to see the full black-and-white photography gallery, and be sure to let me know what you think!

Click the image to see print options of this iconic view of Monument Valley!