Community Support Sale - Save 25% off all prints

Use savings to support other small businesses

The world seems to be standing still as the Covid-19 crisis ramps up, and that means many small businesses are struggling to survive. So this Community Support Sale frees up some cash that can be used to support businesses in your area.

It's a simple concept: You save 25 percent off all prints through April 30, and then you can use your savings to order from other small businesses in your area.

Perhaps you can use the savings to order pickup or delivery from a local restaurant. Or maybe you can order some groceries from the family owned store down the street.

So this is a great time to save 25% and pass along the savings to help other small businesses weather this financial crisis.

25% savings are automatic

There's no discount codes for this sale: All the savings are automatic. So just browse my gallery, pick a print or two you love and send it to your shopping cart! That's it.

And, as always, shipping is FREE!