DISASTER: Waterfall shoot goes awry

Not all photo shoots go as planned

I normally write about the successes of my photography. That amazing sunrise I captured. Or a cool bald eagle shot I was fortunate enough to get. But not every day goes that well.

Take this shot of North Carolina's Soco Falls, for instance.

I was so focused on getting the shot, after goating about halfway down the side of the mountain from the boardwalk that I didn't realize I hadn't zipped my camera bag — and when I grabbed it to make a move, one of my camera bodies and my favorite lens ping ponged down the slope, with the lens finally kerplunking right in the stream.

After taking a deep breath, I glanced over my shoulder at the viewing platform to see my wife with her hands in the air and a funny look on her face. I did NOT want to go back to the boardwalk.

Fortunately, I had a second camera body and another lens that captured the beauty of the double waterfall perfectly. I also maintain very good replacement business insurance, so it wasn't financially disastrous to replace the ruined equipment.

The shot cost me dearly, however, in terms of grief from my lovely wife, but the end result was spectacular.

BTW, I now take extra care to ensure I don't dump my gear.