My first visit to crazy Driftwood Beach

"Reaching Out from the Grave" was one of the beautiful prints created from my first visit to Georgia's Driftwood Beach.

Jekyll Island beach was everything I dreamed

Jekyll Island’s amazing Driftwood Beach Georgia’s Jekyll Island has been on my radar for years. I’ve seen photos from the island’s Driftwood Beach, and I’ve been jealous that my travels didn’t present an opportunity to shoot it.

So when I recently had an extra couple of days while traveling from Tennessee to South Florida, I turned my truck toward Savannah and determined to make a stop on my way south to Florida.

Driftwood Beach did not disappoint.

I was blown away as soon as I walked over the dune from the parking area. What I saw was not driftwood as I know it in South Louisiana; instead, the beach is littered with dozens of full trees that had died and fallen over.

It was a glorious sight, a veritable forest boneyard.

The only problem was that the sky was gray with thick clouds. Actually, that wasn’t much of an issue: I immediately knew the stark trees and leaden skies would make perfect black-and-white prints.

My time was short, as I was due in South Florida that evening, so I only spent about 45 minutes on the beach. I walked among the boneyard of trees, picking out a few of the most dramatic forms to create a handful of wonderful prints.

Looking down the beach, I could see I need to return for more thorough exploration. I can’t wait.

Of course, I am dying to be on the beach for a stunning sunrise. The massive driftwood will be amazing foreground elements against a colorful sky.

So, while I finally visited Driftwood Beach, I didn’t remove it from my bucket list. There is so much more to do there!