The Florida scene that blew me away

I titled this print "Lost in the Florida Swamp" because I felt like I was 1,000 miles away from civilization.

Lush Florida swamp was more than expected

I have lived in South Louisiana all my life, and I am intimately familiar with swamps. So I wasn't expecting to be absolutely blown away when my boat entered the little Dora Canal in South Florida.

Boy, was I wrong!

There's just something different about Florida's swamplands. Sure, there are flooded cypress trees just like in South Louisiana. And, yes, those trees are festooned with Spanish moss. But the vibe is just different.

Beautiful ferns are growing around the trunks of those cypress trees. It was just everywhere. And the bayou was canopied more than my Louisiana stomping grounds.

It was just stunning!

I was working a Bassmaster event, so I didn't have time to give Dora Canal a lot of attention, but I did ask my boater to stop so I could get a photo for the print above — and I LOVE the final result!

I can't wait to go back: I'm going to throw my inflatable kayak into my truck and take a paddle through the bayou and really work it hard.