Housekeeping Osprey

This photo of a nesting pair of osprey was cool, but a few minutes later it got even better!

Awesome photos of Nesting Oprey

I'm so daggone fortunate that sometimes I don't know how I stand it. I mean, let's face it: My job is downright cool! I spend months each year in God's great creation, and that affords me the opportunity to see some amazing things.

Like this series of photos of an osprey doing a little housekeeping.Yesterday I was on Lake Harris as part of the team covering the Bassmaster Elite Series event, and while looking at standings to decide where to go next I heard the distinctive calling of an osprey - a bird I absolutely love.

I looked up and saw a nesting pair in a nearby cypress tree. It was like they were posing, with one of the raptors in the next and one perched above it on a snag.

The second osprey quickly flew away down the bank, and I turned back to my bass-fishing work. Until I heard a splash.I looked up in time to see the osprey coming out of the water, which what I first assumed was a fish. I snatched up my camera and started shooting as the bird flew right by me on the way back to the next.

In actuality, the osprey had grabbed some Spanish moss floating in the water to help feather the nest. As it flew by, the bird gave me the stink eye.

Man, it was cool!

What I thought was an osprey snatching a fish turned out to be the raptor grabbing some moss to feather its nest.

The osprey gave me a fierce look as it flew by just 20 yards away.