Introducing: Brasstown Bald Mists 2

"Brasstown Bald Mists 2" is a new black-and-white version of an original color print. Converting the image from color to black-and-white completely changed the mood and focus of the print!

New Black-and-white process transforms original color print

I've always loved great black-and-white photos like those captured by photographic legends like Ansel Adams. So I've been working on a new black-and-white process to add to my collection — and "Brasstown Bald Mists 2" is a perfect example of what is to come!

My newest black-and-white print is based on an original color image that depicts an amazing sunrise over the mountains surrounding Brasstown Bald, Georgia's highest peak.

The original can be seen below.

I honestly love the color version, with that amazing light of a rising sun shining through the mists rising from the Georgia mountains. The thing is, however, that the real focus of the color version of "Brasstown Bald Mists" is the colorful light. Sure, there are mountain ridges included in the print, but it's that gorgeous sunrise that is truly highlighted.

Converting the image into black-and-white changed that. As I worked on creating the different monochromatic tones, that light was stripped away. What was left were those amazing mountain ridges.

The low clouds snaking through the valleys also comes out, drawing the eye through the scene.

I intentionally left the ridges farthest toward the horizon in haze — today it's possible to remove most haze during digital post-processing — to provide the print real depth.

It was so much fun watching as the focus of the original print change right before my eyes! I can't wait to work on other prints.

Scroll down to see the original — and feel free to email me and let me know which version you like best!

Amazing sunrise light is the real focus of the original color version of "Brasstown Bald Mists." Converting it to black-and-white changed the focus to the mountains themselves.