Introducing: Tranquility

"Tranquility" is a work I've visualized for the past several months, but I haven't been in Louisiana enough to find the right setting.

So when my wife asked to go kayaking recently during a rare few days at home, we headed for a new stretch of swamp — and I knew this was the perfect setup for the print I had in mind as soon as the scene came into view.

A few days later I loaded up my boat and drove for more than an hour to reach the secluded bayou along which this beautiful scene is located. It only took me a few minutes to capture exactly what I hoped for, and back in my studio I finished off what is just an iconic swamp photo.

I'm proud to offer "Tranquility" in standard one-panel prints (available as satin fine-art prints, satin metal prints, canvas gallery wraps and acrylic prints) and multi-paneled canvas gallery wraps. Just click here to see all the options!

And to top off my morning, a pair of otters showed up and played around those trees the entire time I was working. They even swam up to my boat to see what I was up to.

It was a glorious time to be in the swamps!