Introducing: Touchstones

"Touchstones" is a dramatic view of New York's Lake Ontario during an overcast sunrise.

Print offers Dramatic view of Lake Ontario

I'm proud to introduce my latest print titled "Touchstones." This amazing creation almost didn't happen!

I was in Upstate New York to work with Bassmaster, shooting a fishing tournament, and woke up early on the day I was to head home. I climbed into the truck at about 6 a.m., with every intention of getting as far down the road as possible.

However, only a few minutes into the drive I saw a hint of color in the thick clouds, and it was too much for me to resist. I pulled over and started searching for a location for what I hoped would be a colorful sunrise.

I was just 20 minutes from the shores of Lake Ontario, and Point Peninsula looked to offer potential. So I turned off the main highway and hurried to find the perfect spot to set up.

I was almost at the end of Shore Road when I spotted a line of boulders extending into the lake, and I knew it was a winner. So I pulled over, grabbed my gear and eased down the bank behind a fishing camp.

The wind was absolutely howling, pushing the clouds through the sky and churning up the Lake Ontario surf. The clouds had wonderful texture, so I knew I wanted to include them. The solution was using a Sigma 14mm Art, a very wide-angle lens that is useful in creating drama. I positioned the camera so the line of boulders extended from the bottom right corner to provide a wonderful leading line right to the sunrise.

I slipped a Lee Filters .6 soft grad neutral density filter over the lens to darken the sky and help even out the exposure.

The light was low enough that I didn't really need anything else to slow down the shutter speed and create a creamy view of the crashing waves.

And then I waited.

Unfortunately, it soon became evident there would be no color. So I switched tack.

I visualized an image in which the clouds stretched overhead and slick-smooth water around the boulders. So I turned to a Little Stopper ND filter to extend the exposure time to 3 1/2 minutes.

The results were exactly what I wanted. I had to stop myself from yelling in victory. I just love the way the line of rock leads the eye right to the spot on the horizon where the sun is shining through the clouds. It's just perfect!

I headed south again knowing I had a wonderful new print to add to my online gallery!