R&R: Mission accomplished!

Final 2020 road trip was huge success

Over the weekend I returned from my final road trip of the year ā€” and my single goal for my time in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee was to relax and recharge from the months of travel.

Well, mission accomplished!

The road has been pretty tough on me this year, leaving me uninspired and worn out. I'm happy to report that even though temperatures reached the mid-20s while we were camping with our mini camper that I am recharged and ready to face the coming new year!

Yes, I did shoot some new photos. They were mostly waterfalls that didn't require miles-long hikes to reach. After all, I WAS relaxing. šŸ¤£

I hope you enjoy my newest works ā€” and that you are able to relax this holiday despite the challenges of the Covid-19 world in which we live.

Thank you again for being a loyal follower, and I look forward to sharing new travels and new examples of God's creation in the coming months!