Off the grid

Time to recharge for 2021

The road has been tough this fall. Because of Covid-19, the Bassmaster tournaments that are normally spaced out over nine months were condensed into a shortened but full season — and that means I've been home less than three weeks since Sept. 22.

I'm tired. I'm drained. I'm uninspired.

So I'm heading off the grid for the next couple of weeks. My Trusty Assistant (aka, my wife, Yvette) and I are heading into the Smoky Mountains today, and will only resurface periodically while we relax and explore new backroads.

The doesn't mean my shop is closed down, however. You can still order prints on my online gallery. And, if you have any questions, please email me: I'll be checking emails every couple of days and would be happy to help you!

In the meantime, I've scheduled some of my favorite works to appear on my Facebook and Instagram accounts. These are great ways to follow my work and learn about my newest prints, as well as see the backstories of my life as a working photographer.

I can't wait for the down time to refuel and get ready to hit 2021 hard!

Cheers - and I'll be back online in a couple of weeks!