A paddle to remember

Blind River Umbrella

Treasured time in the Louisiana swamps

Time in the Louisiana swamp is precious. I spend so much time traveling with Bassmaster that I don't often get to visit the stunning bayous around my house nowadays — but I took advantage of being at home earlier this year for a kayak trip with my wife.

We launched on the amazing Blind River and glided through the cypress trees, down small tributary bayous. It was a wonderful reminder of why I love the swamps so much.

Of course, I had my camera along, and I created two beautiful prints during the trip:

  • Blind River Umbrella — This print features one of the massive cypress trees along the river, with a shady umbrella that invites one to stop on a hot summer day.
  • Along Tchackehou Bayou —  Is there anything more Louisiana than a cypress-covered bayou? And little Tchackehou Bayou is a stunning example of the beauty of the Spanish moss-laden cypress trees to be found throughout Louisiana's iconic swamps.

I've been so busy with my Bassmaster travels that I haven't been able to return to the swamps during the past couple of months, but I'm dying for a return trip once the bass-fishing tournament season has ended.

Along Bayou Tchackehou