A rainy day visit to Mardis Mills Falls

Side trip results in beautiful waterfall photos

Last week I was in Guntersville, Ala., to cover the 2020 Bassmaster Classic, and while surfing the internet I came across a mention of Mardis Mill Falls just 20 minutes from my hotel.

So I made the short drive after finishing my assignment on a rainy afternoon, and was blown away with the beautiful waterfall.

Mardis Mill (also known as Graves Creek Falls) is located just steps away from a road, so access was extremely easy. But standing on the edge of Graves Creek felt like being in the middle of a wilderness area. The roar of the waterfall drowned out all other sounds, and bluffs made it impossible to see any nearby structures.

It was so peaceful.

A light rain was falling, but that wasn't an impediment to capturing photos. I just grabbed my umbrella and set up my tripod and Nikon D850 under its protection.

The rain actually helped make the photos even more special, giving the rocks and trees a nice sheen. 

It was just a perfect setup.

There is some graffiti on the far bluff — someone felt the need to paint a face with big eyes overlooking the waterfall. While I normally would have tried to remove that using Photoshop, I left it this time. I sort of like the fact that it appears some cartoon person is overlooking the fall.

The shoot ended with three amazing images of Mardis Mill Fall. I'm so glad I carved out a little time to visit.