Ramblin' the Back Roads

I had just finished shooting photos of some old barns when I came across this amazing old store.

Old store, barns make beautiful prints

I'm deep into my annual travel season as a member of the crew photographing Bassmaster fishing tournaments, and that means I spend a lot of time driving.

As many of you know, I leave the interstates as often as possible to find the real America. That paid off recently while I drove to Pickwick Lake.

The drive took me through Northeast Mississippi, and when I approached the tiny town of Stewart I saw the two red barns below that quickly had me making a U-turn.

I spent a few minutes creating a wonderful print that tells the story of rural America.

Satisfied I had a nice photo, I moved on — and only made it a couple of miles before I saw the wonderful old store above. That Coca-Cola mural and those amazing wooden doors just called to me, so I once again pulled onto the shoulder to create another beautiful print.

These are examples of why I love to drive the back roads as I drive across the United States. It's where all the action is, where you see these reminders of days gone by and see that some are still holding to the old ways.

I can't wait to get back on the road again!

These two old barns stopped me in my tracks as I drove through the Mississippi countryside.