Spectacular morning on Lake St. Clair

Anchor Bay Sunrise

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Anchor Bay Sunrise blew my mind

I spent a week near Detroit at the end of July as part of a team photographing a Bassmaster Elite Series event on Lake St. Clair, and that work kept me pretty busy from before sunrise until late evening. However, I snuck away for a few minutes when I saw conditions setting up for a really special sunrise on the final day of the tournament.

I had just wrapped up the Bassmaster gallery I was working on when a little bit of color splashed across the clouds above, so I grabbed my Benro tripod and almost ran to a spot I had scouted out a couple of days before.

The day was dead calm, with not a poof of wind moving the water. So I knew the sky would be reflected in the still waters of Lake St. Clair.

Composition is so important to any photo, so I wanted more than just a pretty sunrise reflection. So I set up my camera so a small bunch of reeds would be positioned in the bottom left-hand corner. Dollar lilies in the middle of the frame helped pull the eye into the frame.

All I had to do that that point was trip the shutter. I waited until the sun was just above the horizon to cast its golden light across the water and the sky above the clouds. 

It was a magnificent morning!

I walked back to my Bassmaster duties knowing I had a real winner of a photo.

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Another stunning view of a Lake St. Clair Sunrise

Dawn at the Boathouse

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