Print tracks progression of Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse

2019 Super Blood Wolf Moon total eclipse

See the total eclipse of 2019's Super Blood Wolf moon from start to finish!

January's total eclipse of the Super Blood Wolf Moon was incredible. It offered the opportunity to not only see the moon eclipsed but watch as the lunar reflection turned blood red.

And this fine-art print shows it all happening, from start to finish.

I captured this amazing lunar artwork by setting up a tripod in my front yard and using a Nikon 300mm lens to capture dozens of photos of the moon as it moved through the sky over several hours. It's amazing how fast the moon moves!

The project required staying up most of the night, but it was a fun exercise in astrophotography.

After sleeping in the next morning, I compiled all of the moon images into a single Photoshop document to begin the work of organizing the phases of the moon. That idea was easier said than done — presentation of the lunar eclipse was a real challenge.

My first attempt was to create an arch of the moon's path using images in 5-minute increments. That proved impossible to do effectively, but trying it forced me to recognize that 5-minute increments weren't necessary. So I weeded down the images to include larger steps of the moon phases.

I moved on to create a straight horizontal layout, but it looked so static that I ditched that idea quickly. A diagonal left too much blank black space in two corners.

So I moved back to the arch idea, and it worked perfectly with 28 phases of the moon — including six showing the moon's blood-red phase as the earth blocked the sun's light.

The print is just stunning, with details of the moon's surface popping out beautifully.

The panoramic print is available in a variety of sizes and media (including paper prints, metal prints, canvas gallery wraps and acrylic prints), with prices starting at $132.

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