The making of 'Dawn at Henderson Swamp'

"Dawn at Henderson Swamp" is the newest addition to my Swamp Collection.

This sunrise in the swamp was stunning

I needed a good trip to the swamps, to unwind and watch the day break in one of my happy places. I rolled out of bed just before 4 a.m. (before my alarm went off) on Dec. 1 and was on the road shortly after 4:30, coffee mug in hand.

And not a cloud obscuring the star-filled sky.

However, on the hour-long drive to Henderson Swamp, I saw a few clouds on the southeastern horizon. The farther I drove, the closer those clouds came.

I panicked when I reached my exit to the boat ramp: The exit was closed for construction, which meant a 15-minute detour to loop around to the other side of the interstate. Luckily I left the house about 20 minutes early.

Sunlight was filtering over the swamp as I hustled to get my boat off the trailer and my gear loaded up. Soon I was barreling down the canal to the South Flats of Henderson Swamp, not far off Interstate 10.

I stuffed my Benro tripod into the muddy bottom as the first color tinged the horizon, secured my camera atop the ball head and waited as sunrise approached. Those clouds moved in right on time, and they were perfect!

I captured a few other nice images, but the money shot was to come.

As the sun topped the horizon, it starbursted between two of the cypress trees in my foreground, and I knew I had a winner

I absolutely love spending time in the swamps, and when it begins with a sunrise like this it's even better.

"Dawn at Henderson Swamp" is available for purchase: Click here for ordering options!