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Laurel Creek in West Virginia's Holly River State Park contains many small waterfalls.

The Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia are packed with amazing waterfalls. Click here to see print options for this beautiful photo!

Visit amazing waterfalls from all over North America in this fine-art photography gallery

I love waterfalls. So I hike for hours, laboring up and down rough mountainous trails just to get to photograph them. And I'm apparently not alone in my obsession, as I meet crowds of people at the most-accessible waterfalls.

Of course, the Smoky Mountains provides probably the best opportunities to visit numbers of waterfalls. The water features are scattered throughout the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but they also can be found outside the sprawling national park. Places like North Georgia offer many beautiful hikes to amazing waterfalls.

Soco Falls is a wonderful example of the amazing waterfalls found throughout the Smoky Mountains.

Soco Falls is located just outside of Cherokee, N.C., and is accessible right off the highway. Click here for more on this amazing double waterfall!

It's my goal to photograph as many of these beautiful falls as possible, so I make regular trips to the Smokies, with days marked out for hiking.

I have been surprised at just how many amazing waterfalls are in North Georgia, which encompasses the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. You can be hitting a trail within an hour of Atlanta, and there are some gorgeous falls to be found. Some are easily accessible (think Anna Ruby Falls near Helen, Ga.) but many are part of the Chattahoochee National Park and offer solitary hiking. Panther Creek Falls is one such stunning example of the hidden beauties found in the Smoky Mountain foothills.

Panther Creek Falls in Georgia's Smoky Mountains foothills is well worth the 3-mile hike.

A moderately challenging 3-mile hike leads to Panther Creek Falls in North Georgia. Click here to learn more about the waterfall and see print options!

But don't overlook other possibilities. West Virginia is one of the most strikingly beautiful states. I've only made one visit to the Appalachian Mountains there, but I will definitely return. Places like Holly River State Park offer hikers access to stunning creeks and waterfalls.

One of the most unexpected places to find waterfalls in deep in the Tunica Hills of Southwest Mississippi. These rugged hills stretch into Louisiana, but the 700-acre Clark Creek Natural Area near Pond, Miss., is the jewel of the area. Literature on the small Mississippi park claims there are more than 50 waterfalls on the area, although most flow only during wet years. But there are still at least six perpetual falls. They aren't as large as those found in the Appalachians or the Smokies, but they are beautiful.

Clark Creek Natural Area in Mississippi's Tunica Hills is a hidden jewel for waterfall lovers.

This is just one of the many waterfalls found in the rugged but gorgeous Clark Creek Natural Area in Mississippi's Tunica Hills. Click here for more details!

It is important to note that, if you head to Clark Creek, you should prepare yourself for a very challenging day. The trails in these hills are rarely flat — most are steep, so be certain to carry plenty of water and snacks. 

You can easily find waterfalls and directions to many waterfalls with a quick google search. I use a nifty app called Really Good Photo Spots, which allows me to simply click a button and see cool photo opportunities wherever I happen to be, including amazing waterfalls.

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I have captured numerous fine-art photographs of beautiful waterfalls, which can be seen in my Waterfall Gallery. And I take every opportunity to add to the collection, so be certain to check back often!

Callasaja Falls is amazing when fall colors ring the huge falls near Highlands, N.C.

Callasaja Falls near Highlands, N.C., lights up during the autumn color change. Find print options by clicking here.

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