Wonderful Wormsloe

Wormsloe State Historic Site outside of Savannah, Ga., features the world's longest oak alley. It was a photographic dream!

Wormsloe State Historic Site was amazing

I've always wanted to visit Savannah, Ga., so I headed to the city when I had a couple of days between Tennessee and Florida Bassmaster events. I expected to see an amazing downtown district (which I did), but I also found the amazing Wormsloe State Historic Site.

It blew my mind away!

Wormsloe is a former plantation that dates back to 1745 and features the longest oak-lined lane in the world. Not in the United States — in the world. It stretches 1 1/2 miles!

I live about 20 minutes away from the iconic Oak Alley Plantation, which is simply breathtaking.

Even though Wormsloe doesn't have a beautiful antebellum plantation home at the end of the oak alley, I think it's more impressive than Oak Alley's tree-lined lane.

The amount of foresight required to plant 1 1/2 miles of live oaks to create an oak alley is just stunning. The fact is the folks who planted the original lane of oaks didn't live to see the trees mature and create a canopy of Spanish moss-draped, lichen-covered branches.

It's just stunning!

A 300mm lens was used to compress the oak alley and create this wonderful print. It took patience to wait for cars moving back and forth along the alley, but it was definitely worth the wait.

I finished off my day walking around wonderful Downtown Savannah. I'm still working those photos, and rain ruined my plans to shoot it night. If you've never visited Savannah, I would highly recommend scheduling a trip.

And be sure to put Wormsloe State Historic Site on your must-see list!